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Marketing tip: The Best Las Vegas SEO Company

Posted on by Karl Von Stahl

That time I hired the best SEO agency in Las Vegas
That time I hired the best SEO agency in Las Vegas

So I personally don't dabble with marketing when it comes to my restaurant websites. I'm not very technical, I mean just getting this blog up and running was enough tech work for me. I'm pretty limited when it comes to computer skills, but that's not what this post is about.

When I visited Las Vegas last year, I met a guy by accident in a fancy restaurant over there, the steak house it was called. We kicked it off almost immediately, he was also what I call a foodpreneur, he ran a couple of restaurants himself but enjoyed the business side of things more, rather than the food.

Somehow we stumbled upon the topic internet marketing, he told me he had hired an agency from Las Vegas which helped him rank number one in Google. Like I mentioned in the beginning, I have little to no knowledge about marketing and SEO. He explained that SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it's what all the business online are doing these days. According to him, being number one in Google equals to some big big money.

Of course all of this sounded very exciting, so I asked for the email so I could get in touch with that Las Vegas company. I actually have a smaller restaurant in the outer parts of Vegas which could use some more customers, so trying some SEO to see if it would help with my business was a great idea.Said and done, I contacted Las Vegas SEO and we got working, 3 months later and I was rocking that number one position in Google everyone keeps talking about. Did it help my business? Nope, it did more than that. It increased my revenue by over 100%, in just 3 months! That's insane!

Who'd knew that SEO could be so simple yet so powerful? I definitely recommend checking out this Las Vegas company if you need first page rankings.

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