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Car rental tips for those of you going to Egypt

Posted on by Karl Von Stahl

Car rental tips for those of you going to Egypt

Hello everybody! Long time since I wrote something here, I haven't just been feeling it lately so I took a little break. I am back now however, I just came back from Egypt and even though the situation there is some what unstable I still had a very fun time!

This was my first time in Egypt so I was very excited to ride some camels, see the old ancient pyramids but mostly, eat the wonderful food they had there! Because I wanted to see so many things in Egypt we decided to rent a car, could haven't done it without this site ايجار سيارات فى مصر it's a car rental site that helps you pick the best rental, it was pretty cheap too. This way we got to see almost everything that was worth seeing in Egypt for a very good price, I can really recommend their service, top notch!

The car we rented was fresh and clean, it felt like a new car really so couldn't complain there. We rented it for 7 days so we got plenty of time to figure out if anything was wrong with it. But to our surprise nothing was wrong with it, it purred like a little kitten, must say I'm really impressed. I've rented a lot of cars but none of them had been this good. Customer service and the people working there are also very nice, they helped me with everything and told me how their newest car worked etc.

Anyways, except seeing the pyramids and doing traditional sightseeing we also ate delicious food. I tried something Ful Medames, it's almost like a thick soup of some sort. It consists of lava beans, oil, garlic and lemon juice, really tasty and healthy too.

From this trip I can only say one thing, go to Egypt, rent a car and eat their food, you won't regret it!

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