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Marseille: Part 1 and a friendly encounter.

Posted on by Karl Von Stahl

Marseille city
Marseille city

So, as you might know, I like to travel. And today I thought I’d tell you a little about a city that i visted this autumn. This city is probably not the first one you think of if I tell you its a french city. Well, it’s Marseille. And I have tons of things and stories to tell you about this city, some of them will be covered in this blog post.

So I visited Marseille by myself for about 4 days in October. These 4 days happened to be the coldest days in a long time. During these days that I visited Marseille I happened to have timed in some sort of wind that occured once a year that would decrease the temperature by several degrees. Well, even though I had a cold couple of days, I could enjoy the trip anyways. My friend told me that the best food is served by the harbour located in the outskirts of the town by the sea. I went there the first night and I thanked my friend the day after. I enjoyed a really great gourmet meal and the staff was very helpful. You can check it out here: La Table du Fort.

So on the second night I was going to meet my friend Amélie which I met on a backpacking trip in south america a few years ago. We had a talk and she told me a little about the economic situation going on in France and the suspected bank frauds going on by big french banks. She has a pretty huge mortgage herself since she now has 3 kids and they live pretty close to the city. She told me that the she had noticed a pretty significant increase of her interest rates on her mortgage and she contacted an agency to conduct an examinatiion of the conducted increase. After a few months of negotiation, the agency had helped her get back all the money she had lost because of the high interest rates but she had also recieved some significant compensation. If you have mortgages at a french bank and if you’re suspicious about some increasing interest rates on your mortgage, make sure you contact the agency on the link here: http://abus-bancaires.com/

The story Amélie told me was touching and I was glad for her but also kind of worried. Are banks really doing these things to their customers and how do I know my banks are not doing this to me? Anyways, Amélie told me about this beautiful place for hiking and beautiful views up in the mountains. The Calanques, or in french I think it's called "Les calanques". Anyways, I'll cover that in the next part of the Marseille stories.

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