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My view on entrepreneurship around the world

Posted on by Karl Von Stahl

So during my food traveling journey, I've stumbled upon many restaurants, extraordinary dishes and amazing people. Some of the people I've met.. damn, some of them might be interpreted as mentally ill, but they are just very driven and they don't let any obstacle prevent them to win in whatever they are doing.

When I was in Aix-en-provence, a city not from the french coast and Marseille. I met Jonathan. He's been an entrepreneur since 2010 and he started his journey with almost nothing. He had just finished high school and when he started to think about going to college, he took a trip around the campus in his hometown. He realized that College is a great market, the people there are open minded and willing to try out new exciting stuff and products.

So Jonathan thought of what kind of product he could sell. When he got familiar with the nightlife at College, he decided to create some sort of pill that would make you feel bettter while you were out drinking. I can't really say anything about the legitimity of this product but the way Jonathan was thinking really inspires me. If we fast forward to today, Jonathan is a serial entrepeneur owning multiple businesses. He recently created this site which I'll share with you, covering great content on bed accessories: BedAccessoryGuide.com , It's a great site if you're looking for bedding products.

Anyway, I'm out! And soon I'll be covering some more topics on entrepreneurship.

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