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Posted on by Karl Von Stahl


First of all, I'm not a republican. Being from Sweden I'm a true democrat at heart and believe that most republicans are quite stupid (just my opinion though!).

So I've recently been checking up on Trumps campaign. I don't think anyone did actually believe that Trump would gain any traction when he announced he was running for President. But look at him now... He has 44% of the republican votes, while Ted Cruz has a meager 22%.

I'm actually pretty sure Trump will be going against Bernie in the final election.

The big question is why does a homophobic, racist, conservative like Trump have so many people with him? Is it because there are so many racists, homophobic and conservatives in the USA? Sadly it seems that way... The majority of voters are conservatives from the mid west with no college degree.

So here's the thing with Trump... He's a good liar and he's leveraging the media the right way. It's easy to manipulate people into thinking what you're doing will protect your country. After all, why would he want to build a wall if it didn't benefit the country, right? He says what people want to hear, he's something new and probably the first of his kind to run for president.

I think there's a large percentage of the population that have never felt any connection with any of the other presidents, and now when Trump finally speaks his mind, they feel a connection. I don't blame them though, I think there are a lot of people that have unpopular opinions, opinions that have never been expressed by any other president before.

Stupid people do stupid things.

This video explains everything pretty well why he's winning

Do I still have any faith in the people of America? Well considering that the majority of people voting on him are from the conservative parts of America, I do believe there's still hope. We'll find out in a couple of weeks.

I have no idea what will happen if he wins, he's said his fair share of things but you can never know what's a lie and what's not. I'm kind of worried he'll try to screw it up for business owners in the long run, since the only thing he seems to think about is money.

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